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 Thinking Aloud . . .

 I think of my Dad often.


When a small airplane flies overhead.  When I hear a country gospel song.  When I find crumbs on the front of my shirt.  When I see a baby.

 Of course, I have pictures of him around me.  Dad and Mom smile at me from their 50th wedding anniversary on my office desk. 

 Remembering him stretches his influence into my life today.  I find myself repeating phrases that reflect his grace and faith in God.  I find myself responding with his liberty and forgiveness.  I find myself likely to stop and pray for someone rather than promising to do so later.

 When I think of him I feel a little more patience having done what I can and simply allow the results to rest in the hand of God.  I find myself more committed to building people rather than organizations.  I more often evaluate myself based on who I am than what I have done.

 I keep remembering his propensity to forgive and forget.  I remember his extravagant love.  I remember him sitting in the fifth pew on the right side and declaring with pride in too loud a voice when he should have been silent as I came to the pulpit, "That's my son!"

 This is David Thomas thinking aloud that the Psalmist says, “I will remember your deeds, O Lord, I will meditate on your works and consider your mighty deeds” (77.11).  Many times the Moses and apostles call on us to remember the God “of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.”  We are exhorted to “remember your Creator” (Eccl. 12.1) and the things we learned of God (Isa. 46.9); Jeremiah calls us to remember God especially when we are in a distant land (51.50).  We used to sing, “Count your blessing name them one by one; see what God has done!”

 Remembering Dad is not depressing for me.  When I remember Dad a smile comes to my face; I gain courage; I refocus my attention; I tend to relax.

 This is also true of God and the very reason for the Lord’s Supper: in the midst of stressful circumstances, disappointments, temptations, or disorientation in the face of confusion, focusing again on Him fills us with peace, joy, and hope. 

 I take the bread and the cup and remember that when God looks at me, he sees the perfection of Christ and says, "You are my beloved, my child.  I am so pleased!

David Thomas' Personal Testimony

September, 2013