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David Thomas Thinking Aloud . . .

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You have heard . . . the Bible is out of date and out of touch . . .


Still. much of our law including individual responsibility; protection of property rights; and unfair interest rates come from scripture.  Many of our values for social concern including care for the hungry, orphans and widows, or those disabled comes from Scripture.  Biblical allusions fill western literature.

 But isn't the Bible just a collection of old moralisms?

 Scripture is honest about bad people who made good choices.  Scripture is history and poetry; life and death; love and loss; broken dreams and hope regained.  But Scripture ultimately is about a God who loves us and wants to connect with us.

 Aren't the stories in the Bible just fiction or children's fantasies?

 The biblical authors included verifiable details of real, historical facts.  Close scrutiny makes clear that these authors weren’t writing fiction, or perpetrating some hoax, or under any delusion.  In fact, both extra-biblical sources and archeological finds have verified many of these details over the years.  No archeological find has ever disproved something in scripture.

 I heard we really do not have any original copies.

 Of course, but we do have more than 5,400 distinct pieces of texts dating back to the first centuries after Christ.  By comparison we have at most only ten copies of Caesar's Gallic Wars.  Those date to many centuries after they were written.  Still, no one doubts the facts in that history.  We have many more and much older copies of the Bible than any other document from the ancient world.

 Translation must leave ancient languages difficult to understand. 

 These many texts enable translators to compare and validate their work.  The documents have remarkable consistency though separated by geography and culture.  This validates their reliability, and the very rare exceptions are always noted in our best translations.

 What about the "lost gospels"?  

 The only books about Christ dated confidently to the first century are the very ones that finally made up the New Testament.  These other books are moralistic and present Christ as only a "spiritual" being with his humanity lost.  More on this another time.

 This is David Thomas just thinking: I invite you to join us as we search these ancient truths and find purpose for living in the One who is called the Way,   the Truth, and the Life

David Thomas' Personal Testimony

September, 2013